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Urgent Help Wanted: Germany Calling
Stop the Deportation of Akubuo!!

Nigerian political activist Akubuo Anusonwu Chukwudi, prominent in the 'Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants' is facing imminent deportation. Only the naive will believe that the decision of the German authorities to deport him, just after he had organised a very well publicised campaign about the diabolical conditions in the refugee camp where he lives, is unrelated.

This is not the first time that Akubuo has faced the vengeance of the German authorities. In Autumn 1998, immediately after the five week protest demonstration through 44 German cities by the 'Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants', Akubuo, who took part throughout this protest, was whisked into a deportation prison with obscene haste. His deportation was prevented at the very last minute by energetic protests, which included an international fax campaign driven by publicity on the internet, demonstrations and the intervention of Nigerian human rights activists. This was possible because Akubuo had won the respect of many people because of his strong political commitment to fight for the rights of refugees and migrants in Germany and for justice and democracy in Nigeria. A matter of hours before Akubuo was to be deported, the responsible Administrative Court in Schwerin decided to suspend his deportation and conceded that deportation of the political activist could endanger his life.

If they are successful in deporting Akubuo now, it is not only a massive blow to the 'Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants', it is also an attack on all those who oppose racism in Germany. We ask all those with an interest in justice to join this emergency campaign. More information in different languages will be available on the internet.

Urgent and wide support is necessary to stop the deportation of Akubuo. There is a model letter below but if you can, please take the time to write personally. There is a full background to the case on NCADC's web site, which has many points that could be incorporated into a letter.

Model letter:
"Innenminister des Landes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Dr Gottfried Timm
Arsenal am Pfaffenteich
Karl Marx - Str 1
19055 Schwerin
Fax: 00-49-385-588-2974

Dear Dr Gottfried Timm,

I am appalled to hear that the German government is considering 
deporting the political activist Akubuo Anusonwu Chukwudi to Nigeria. 
I am further disturbed to learn that the motivation for his 
deportation is due to his fight for the rights of other refugees. If 
Akubuo is to be deported for fighting against racism and exposing the 
real problems faced by refugees in Germany - then the much publicised 
'fight against racism' that the German government is carrying out 
seems to me to be complete hypocrisy. Is this much publicised fight 
against neo-fascists only to paint an attractive picture of Germany 
to promote its economic interests, or is it also to protect the lives 
and  rights of refugees?

Akubuo is a well known activist in the 'Caravan of the Rights of 
Refugees and Migrants'. Apart from the fact that he clearly faces 
danger if deported to Nigeria, he should be allowed to stay in 
Germany because he fights racism. If the German government is serious 
in fighting racism then it should applaud Akubuo's work - not punish 
him with deportation to torture and possible death.

Yours sincerely,"

If you can please send a copy of the fax to the
Coordination Office
Caravan for the Rights of the Refugees and Migrants
International Human Rights Association
Wachmannstr. 81, 28209 Bremen
Fax: 00-49-421-557-7094 from outside the UK +-49-421-557-7094