European noborder network met in Paris, 9. and 10.12.2000

Activists from nine European countries participated in the third meeting of the European Noborder network in Paris, hosted by the Collectif Anti Expulsion (CAE). The broad participation shows that Noborder as a Europewide networking project against the border regime has not only consolidated, but is even extending. All groups present were willing to connect their activities even closer than in previous years. Ressources will be shared on a common webpage ( which will also include links and infos on locally rooted and europeanwide connected activities. The "" webpage will be extended with information about additional airlines. In addition to practical work, the network has started more in-depth debates about globalisation, migration and their implications on the border regime.

Summer 2001 will see a Europewide series of interconnected and coordinated bordercamps: Activities in other countries during this period of time can be linked to this chain of bordercamps. Amongst others there is talk of a second camp at the Mexican-US border. Building on this "hot July", a shared action-weekend from 13.-15. October is envisaged. Under the motto: "For free circulation, against all racist special laws!", activities will be synchronised across Europe. Around this time, there will be migration summit under Belgian EU presidency - actions may refer to that. To make a noborder action day a success, wide local collaboration is needed - a call to groups working on borders and their implications (like for instance detention, dispersal, vouchers) will be sent early next year. Input welcome!