RAPIDA-talsmand Michael Ocens tale om United Nations Rapida Humanitarian Agency-Denmark på FNs internationale flygtningens dag d. 20. juni 2007 i Frederikshavn Multietniske Forenings Multikulturelle Center i Th Bergsgade 6, Frederikshavn
                   Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
Every year on june the world honors' the courage, resilience and strength of refugees. I extremely honored in applauding on behalf of the United Nations and the Rapida Agency, the felicitous initiative that has brought us to Frederikshavn to reflect on Refugee lives around the world and take a joint commitment to help them breath for the next generation!
 To your attention, thousands of NGOs across world have come together to mark the 20th june a world refugee Day. We are not only focus on the plight of the refugees and causes of their exile, but our mission is to save the lives of refugee children, men and women and not forgetting the Internally Displaced Person around the world. For examples today, Hundreds of NGOs in different continent where refugees resettled are together with refugees are making the day; In Australia refugees, Immigrants and host community are celebrating on the morning of 20th June. In Uganda the government, UNHCR and NGOs in the country has organized the biggest event in Kyangwali refugee settlement-situated at lake Albert. In Hoima District and in Canada event has been organized in more than three places, example in Vancouver and other cities across Canada. And in Denmark, now we are on at this evening in Frederikshavn (Nordjylland) grateful!
 Today! The refugee day. What are our aims ahead after this celebration? One must know that, today we should be happy  and another side we have to think about the future of men, women and children who have just stuck in war, conflict and Diseases not only in Africa, But also in many countries like Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan. We should not think that, today we shall enjoy much in this celebration! But not. The United Nations Rapida Agency, would like to work positively with other local and International Partners in and out of the country to bring final durable solutions to the plights of the refugees and the Asylum throughout the world.
 The planning for our work here and our presence in Denmark were made possible by the hospitality of the government of Denmark and the United Nations to bring lasting peace to humankinds here on earth. We have followed with great satisfaction and keen interest the firm determination expressed by the Geneva convention on the plight of the world refugees. The refugees problem need to be put to an end. Millions of refugees have been loosing lives and are still loosing their lives every day. Three things that lead to a large migration of refugees are:- Poverty;
                  -HIV/AIDS and
Look around the world! Many leaders are crying with tears! seeking for a durable solutions to bring peace in their lands, But nothing has been done yet. May be the leader was not yet born to bring peace and freedom to mankind? Who knows! The goals of the united Nations Rapida Agency, is to reach out to people and help without cost! We are non politicians! We are non profit making body! and a non governmental involvement. This Agency would request any person with an interest in helping refugees,IDPs and any person in need of assistance in time of conflicts, wars and recovery. Thanks also members of the Danish Community for their healing hands in supporting this Humanitarian Agency reach out and save lives. Many NGOs are trying their best to help, we are also at the front line to completely bring final solutions to world problems.
 We currently introduce our first lady who joined the United Nations Rapida Agency later this month and warm greeting to her! For the best of your luck, let me also remind you about our next year plan for a World Refugee Day 2008. The United Nations Rapida Agency shall in cooperation with all the local and Internationals NGOs in the country organizes a very big fantastic events in Denmark on;- International Women Day
               -International Child day
               -World AIDS Day
              - World Refugee Day
              -UN Day
              And other small events as will be organized by the UN-Geneva. The guests shall come from different parts of the world. Namely from inside the country and out side the country too. The last word is that, lets celebrate life then and long live Government of Denmark! Long live the mayor of the this city! Long live the community of Denmark and thanks you all!
                                 With excellency!
                                    Michael Bashir                                                   copy: Health Director ( Jeremiah Gogne)
                                Senior Program Manager                                                     The United Nations Rapida Agency
       The United Nations Rapida Agency Headquarter-Denmark                         - All the staff of the United Nations Rapida
                                   Email: rapid5@hotmail.com                                                          Agency
The United Nations Rapida Humanitarian Agency- A non governmental organization, non political organization, non Profit making body, non Religious issues! Fighting for a durable solutions to refugees and IDPs throughout the world with an objectives to :Peace building, Poverty eradication, HIV/AIDS Care and support, Integration, Basic education, Employments, Leaderships, Protection of orphans, Separated refugees,promote national cooperation with the developed nations to aid refugees and IDPs!

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