Vejle, Denmark 10.11.2009


Brev til UNHCR-Sandinavien om modtagelse i nordiske lande af tamilske flygtninge strandet i Indonesien

- fra tamilsk nødhjælpsorganisation TRO.

To the UNCHR in Sweden

Subject:  Tamil Refugees landed in Indonesia


As you might be aware of, the civil war in Sri Lanka, which has been going on for the last 30 years, has resulted in great loses. Over 100.000 civilians has been killed and over a million are now refugees around the world. Over 90% of the victims are Tamils, both the killed and the refugees.

The war took are sharp shift in the first half year of 2009, where the war ended according to the Sri Lankan government. The offensive resulted in more than 8.000 tamil civil losses according to the UN, but many more according to several medias. This is still a mystory because no objective party has been allowed entrance to the war zone, where a genocide to place in the first months of 2009.

The war also resulted in a great number of IDP’s. Today there are between 260.000 and 280.000 Tamils civilians detained in “detentioncamps” in the northern Sri Lanka, by the Sri Lankan army. Together with this, several boats filled with tamil civilians has tried to escape from this nightmare. One of the boats on its way to Australia, has been stopped by the Indonesian security forces and now held in Indonesia, until some country will take care of them. The Australian authorities has refused them, but we hope and expect that some scandinavian country could help these innocent people who has done nothing else than been born as a Tamil.

We appeal to you because we are well aware of that; you stand against repression and for human rights to do whatever you can to help them. The cry for help – Please help them and if we can help with anything, please let us know.



Santhos Manokaran and G Jeganmohan

Chief, Tamils Rehabilitation Organization Denmark

Chief, Swedish Tamils Forum  (28. October 2009) October 2009) ( 28. October 2009)



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