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Romaer udvist: Information-leder: "Se hvor ulækkert vi opfører os"                                                                    + translated by Bashy Q: Look how disgusting we behave toward Roma people.

10.07.10 fra Bashy Quraishy <>


Dear friends

Last week, Danish state expelled 23 Roma people from Denmark on suspicion of stealing. There was no court case, no judgement but only complaints from some summer house owners in the neighbourhood where Roma had pithed their dwelling..

I have translated an editorial from the respected newspaper Information which is very critical of the decision and would give you more information.

Please  write to Danish Embassy in your country and lodge a protest. 

If you need further information, do mot hesitate to ask.

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Look how disgusting we behave toward Roma people

EDITORIAL in Newspaper Information . Written by: Anna von Sperling . 09/07/2010

It's hard to sell a news without live pictures nowadays. Therefore newspaper Ekstra bladet presented its web users with a small video clip of a refrigerator with food leftovers inside.

This not so exciting panning over shelves was attached to the story of the 23 Roma who were deported from Denmark with a two-year entry ban.  Their only crime was to camp in a place where they could not camp. What sprang to the eye was the headline in the newspaper: 'Look how disgusting Gypsies are living in Amager”.

It can be fine for Extra Badet to provoke. That is probably what this newspaper is for. But it is not good to do it at the expense of Europe's most persecuted people – who are from Hungary to Italy beaten, excluded and deported. The myth of the dirty and criminal Gypsy has had terrible consequences in the history of Europe. Even Ekstra Bladet should be aware of this.

But it does not change the fact that Copenhagen city has a problems in this summer, and one of this is so unruly difficult to solve. The media has in recent days focused on the increasing number of burglaries in particular areas in Amager, and the arrow is pointed in one direction: towards the 300-400 Roma, mainly from Romania, which according to the police assessment are camping on the island over the summer.

Yesterday, in Information newspaper, one could read about a holiday housing association on Amager, which has had a record number of burglaries. Primarily, electric wires and metalic things has been stolen - suggesting that the perpetrators sell it on as scrap. For residents, it creates insecurity, frustration with the police and the mistrust about an European project with free movement of people across borders, with ordinary people themselves not knowing, what they gain by it.

Yesterday, the Immigration Service deported to first 12 Romanian nationals from Denmark who were staying in an abandoned and partially demolished building and then a further 11 Romanian nationals who had camped at Amager Beach. All 23 have been refused entry for two years on the grounds that they disturbed the public peace and order. Experts estimate that there is a basis in law for expulsions.

But this does change the fact that it is an unpleasant case that again demonstrates that Roma people in Europe are persona non grata forever. This also shows that apparently, there is a very special movement, which says to Roma people: Go away from where we others are.

The spokesperson of the Amnesty International in Denmark, Ole Hoff-Lund, said in yesterday's Information:

"Roma have no peace anywhere in Europe. They are in the most vulnerable population group, which is persecuted and discriminated against in the EU. They have no access to jobs, housing, education or health. This type of discrimination, Roma now encounter also encounter in Denmark and even from the highest place. Even Minister of Justice has pitched in.”

One must not steal. Doing so becomes a police case. But the frustration in housing associations are that the police do not respond to complains, because their complaints often come under small theft cases. Quick response requires resources, but if Roma in Amager actually are considered to be a heavy burden, this issue should be dealt with. But, as the lawyer Bjørn Elmquist pointed out, the real problem in this case is how much difference there is to give protection to the nationals of Denmark and to the nationals of other countries.

We are looking forward to listen to the explanation of politicians when they return from summer cottages. For, as seen before, in summer time, things are boiled over and sunshine effected politician have acted resolutely and sent the police on one of their spectacular actions. But it is not useful to override all decency and legal certainty for a single group because, some electric cables and Iphones are missing on Amager.

But let us remember that even if Copenhagen seems far from Brussels and the European project benefits may seem even further away, the fact remains that you can not enjoy the economic benefits of open borders without also having to deal with the traveling in Europe, for which we have less warm feeling for.

As Maj Kastanje, street level employee of Project Outside, told Information: 'We can not say A to cheap Polish builders, without saying B to all of them who in our eyes are useless”.

Perhaps there is not work for everyone and maybe, not anyone bother to work if one can have easy money. Perhaps there is no social shelter for all and maybe there is someone who prefers a hidden camp on seedy places.

But it does not change the fact that there must be legal protection for all in Europe.



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