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On Fri, 15 Oct 1999 21:07:23 +0200, "[ueber die grenze]" wrote:


This morning we had the honor of receiving a phone call from the head of the Finnish Foreign Ministry's Department for Press and Culture and responsible for the press department for the EU summit in Tampere. Apparently, EU representatives do not enjoy our site, which they may feel infringes on their lack of humor. We were kindly asked to replace the appropriated frameset of our site.


Today, with the start of the official EU summit in Tampere, various actions are going on all over Europe and specifically in Tampere: more about the Counter summit and the demonstration in Tampere from tomorrow on and almost in real time on our site.

Our aim is to collect and publish on the net all available informations about the ongoing activities against Fortress Europe and for the freedom of movement. Here some spotlights: This is only a very preliminary overview. We expect much more actions to have happened all across Europe. Please send to us reports, pictures and all material about the different actions.

Cross the border is an international group of activists - actually from Finland, Bulgaria, FR Yugoslavia, Britain, Italy and Germany. Our european action map is a project, which means basically a first attempt, in order to represent the europe-wide grassroots activities in a decentralised, but nevertheless effective and coordinated way. Of course, we have to struggle with a lot of difficulties and all the problems of synchronisation, but we hope it might reveal a new dimension of networking, activism and concrete media work.
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